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It is my honor to be the President of the Gamma Nu Chapter of Pi Sigma Epsilon this year. 

Coming into Ohio State I was unsure of what I wanted to do in college. I was unsure what collegiate and career path I should take. Even though I am not a business major, joining Gamma Nu has been one of the most rewarding experiences in life, and it has helped shape my positive experiences in college. It has given me some of my best friends and mentors. 

Joining Gamma Nu means a journey of both professional and personal growth. In Gamma Nu, we have a community of people who all want to see each other succeed in every aspect, and who are there to support each other in success or failure. I encourage you to browse our site and learn more about Gamma Nu. Go Bucks! 

- Joe Draus, 2018 Gamma Nu President

Autumn 2018 Recruitment Schedule

Fisher Greek Open House  8/29
Independence 100, 7-9pm
Information Session 1 - 8/30
Great Hall Meeting Room 1 in the Ohio Union, 6-8pm
Information Session 2 - 9/4
Hitchcock 031, 7:30-9:30pm
Group Interviews - 9/5 & 9/6
Enarson Classroom Building, 5:30-9:30pm
Philanthropy Event - 9/7
RPAC Meeting Rooms 1-3, 5-7pm
Meet the Members - 9/9
RPAC Volleyball Courts, 2-4pm
Professional Interviews - 9/13-9/14
Mason Interview Rooms, 5:30-9:30
Networking Event - 9/15
Interfaith Prayer and Reflection Room at Ohio Union, 2-3pm
Universal Bid Day - 9/17

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Interested in being a member? Check out our Join PSE page to find out what it's like to be part of the gold standard of professional development and how you can get on board with us & #ReachNuHeights.